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22-cross street,los angels,CA

Uncle Sales enables user to set the task reminders & Location Reminders. Task reminders are set with parameters based on Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly recurrance. This enables your sales force effectively manage the tasks
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Massago | RMT Massage
455 Magna Drive
Aurora, Ontario
L4G 7A9

Massago – the Uber of registered massage – is changing the way Canadians experience therapeutic massage. It’s the on-demand mobile app that brings the therapist to them – at their home, office or hotel – within the same day, and often within the same hour.
Massago was built on the idea that busy people can’t always take the time to go to the spa or clinic to get a therapeutic massage. Rather than having to book days in advance for an appointment, they can get treatment from Massago when they need it most – on short notice. When their massage is over, they can relax where they are instead of battling traffic or transit to make their way home.

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Vamonos! | Location-Based Messaging
25200 Chagrin Blvd

Vamonos! is a location-based text messaging application.

Vamonos! incorporates new smartphone technology that allows users to send location-based text messages and emails with minimal battery use. You can customize messages that automatically send when you enter or leave a location bubble. You can easily text a friend or spouse when you leave work, or text a boss when you’re heading out in the morning. The possibilities are endless! Vamonos! is looking to make texting safer and easier for everyone at an affordable cost.
+1 (216)-930-9551