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Web Tools

Lake Worth Blvd. #232 6340, Fort Worth, United States

RemoteToPC provides remote desktop access plus monitoring & alerts all for an affordable price. Built by IT people for IT people.

(+1) (817) 400-8720

startupdash is a library of startup resources and tools curated by Entrepreneurs. We help you start something great and make ideas happen.
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Bubblehunt is the search platform, where you can create own search system. Use global and @local search. Add to request «@« and you will get results from information space that you need.

Create private search for your bookmarks, thematic search for your audience, intranet for your company or knowledge base for your team. Platform is free, flexible and we make it better every day. is a simple and powerful accounting solution for brilliant entrepreneurs and exacting freelancers.
Warner Yard 8, London, United Kingdom

Founded by four ex-Skype employees, Deekit was built to help remote teams and freelancers to work better together. We believe that remote work is the future and we are on a mission to revolutionize how people work and collaborate remotely.

As an online whiteboard for distributed teams, Deekit allows collaboration no matter which device you use or where you work from. It doesn’t matter if you work from an office with great connectivity or over 3G while travelling, Deekit still continues to work in real-time. Canvas size is unlimited and boards can seemingly grow to infinity. As does a person’s imagination.


Photler is a simple yet powerful web builder for travel photographers. You don’t want to pay pots of money or go back to college to learn how to code just to create your photography website. We get it. Clicking stunning photographs and exploring the world is much more interesting and requires free time. But if your career, self-development, earning cash while taking photos and reaching the Pantheon of photographers is important to you, you’ll need one hell of a web builder to do that.

At Photler, we’re providing you with innovative tools, like interactive world map where you can pin your galleries, customizable, modern themes, tons of inspiration through hand-picked travel photos and much more. We’re waiting for your photos, so go get them and let us promote your work via social media and our website. Photler minimizes the required time to get your website up and running, so you have plenty of time.
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Kosta Karnavallou 35, Paphos, Cyprus

The founder was caught by surprise when the government required him to send a fax to verify some details. Like so many in the 21st century, he did not own a fax machine. At that time, he realized that there wasn’t a simple, reliable and secure way to send a fax without having to commit to a subscription based service which would be impossible to cancel, or put money into a company from the 80’s.

As a result, he founded, to serve as a pay as you go online fax service. Today offers a whole range of Cloud fax services including pay per use online faxing, fax to email fax numbers, Fax API for developers, and Fax broadcasting for fax marketing or newsletters.

The goal to kill the fax dinosaur and bring fax communication to the digital age , through a convenient, easy to use and with respect to the customer approach.


Respelt is a free online spelling checker with a powerful feature set. It helps you spell check your documents, entire websites and even RSS feeds. All you have to do is enter the URL of your RSS feed, and Respelt will check your site or blog every day and notify you of any spelling mistakes it finds.