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Project Management

Sensa networks
80 Galaxy Blvd., Unit 10 Toronto, ON Canada

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Sensa Networks aims to be a global leader in smart sensor technology,helping organizations operate efficiently, transparently and responsibly.

Sensa networks
Atlas Projects

Atlas Projects is a cloud project management system for everyone, from small startups to large companies.

Tasks within the projects are displayed in a common panel. The elements of artificial intelligence that have been implemented into the system define the priority tasks and make a daily to-do list. This allows you to work with dozens or even hundreds of projects simultaneously.

Atlas Projects may be applied in all fields: from marketing and design to development and production. The system integrates all employees, and they begin to operate as a single organism.

It is faster than referencing stickers on the computer screen. It is more convenient than a note in a diary. It is more efficient than a conventional task-manager.

Atlas Projects includes all the features required for work.

Project panel: all projects on one screen are classified into groups and stages.

Gantt Chart: a handy tool for task scheduling.

PMBok or SCRUM: several methodologies with individual instruments.

Social network: discussion of everything from a new project to preparation for a corporate party.

Priorities: The system detects by itself what tasks should be done today.

Tasks and Calendar: easy-to-use for tasks outside the projects and for event planning.

The system works from any browser, has an android-app and is absolutely free up to 15 employees.

Atlas Projects will change the company’s vision on ​​project management. All information is collected in one place: employee data, tasks, communications, and statistics.

Every project starts with an idea and people. Atlas Projects does not replace them, but helps make ideas reality.