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John Mann SEO Consulting
7231 Althorp Way

John Mann SEO Consulting is a digital marketing agency in Nashville, Tennessee that offers services such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing and web design. Our clients are often small businesses and entrepreneurs that are hoping to scale their business by building a strong digital presence.
John Mann SEO Consulting was founded by entrepreneur John Mann and has been in business since 2018.

SEO Company Nashville
Whitepaper listing is an active directory to find the latest technology white papers and case studies from leading experts.

Want to get more exposure through your white paper marketing? Consider our whitepaper syndication services to make sure your white paper gets seen by targeted industry professionals.

We are continually expanding our library to deliver information that provides insight and education, helping professionals to obtain the information you need to make more informed business decisions across the enterprise.

Creating great white paper is just half the job of a B2B marketing strategy. The other half is distributing your valuable content to a targeted audience.

Our program ensures your whitepaper gets read and gives results. Partner with us and take promotion of your whitepaper to the next level !
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Annakatu 16 E 78, Helsinki, Finland

Natify is a global B2B enterprise paid media platform that allows account based marketing with programmatic content.

Natify’s innovative technology multiplies the amount of content touchpoints with your identified accounts. We expand your content reach to various buyer personas within the organisation and deepen engagement level of key decision makers.

(+358) (40) 5617899
Trilojee Marketing
176 Glanz Ave.

Trilojee Marketing is an online marketing planner that helps startup entrepreneurs Plan, Market, and Measure their way to increased sales!
ATAK Interactive, Inc
941 E. 2nd St
Suite 201
Los Angeles, CA

We are a full-service agency dedicated to helping our customers reach their potential. Every company has the opportunity to grow, they just need the right partners, resources, and data-driven strategy to do it.

With analytics as the centerpiece of our operation, it is easy to make the decisions that best benefit the bottom line. We’re focused on converting. Whether its an ecommerce store in need of direct sales, a B2B company looking to increase quality leads, or a brick and mortar store hoping to get more foot traffic, optimizing for conversions never stops.

If we’re going to build a website, we create a look and feel intended to convert a target audience to either leads or customers. If we’re going to ask a customer to invest hard-earned marketing dollars with us, we’re going to show them the path towards a 3x ROI and run like hell to optimize our campaigns and achieve that goal as quickly as we can. If we recognize a brand is not resonating with its preferred customers, we’re going to work through its value propositions, mission, and visual identity to create a more appealing company image.

A Full-Service B2B Marketing Agency

ClickFrauds is the most advanced tool in the market to detect and prevent click fraud on your Google AdWords account, our system is the ONLY system in the market that is fully optymized to work seamlessly with your AdWords account and implementation is the quickest out there! just sign up with you Gmail account, 3 clicks and you are done!

Our system is the only system in the market that is using big data and machine learning models to accurately detect these malicious clicks and on top of that we’ve created an automated system to exclude these offenders straight from your AdWords account, we also detect proxies and VPN to block IP ranges and best of all our system is designed in mind with the 500 exclusion limit that Google have.

Not sure if your AdWords account is affected by click fraud? then we invite you to try the one and only FREE FOREVER plan, our system will monitor your account and will let you know if you are under attack!

Give us a try, all it takes is 3 clicks!!

AdWords Click Fraud Prevention Tool
Pepo Campaigns
Palo Alto, CA

Pepo Campaigns — Advanced Email Marketing for AWS

Pepo Campaigns is the first enterprise-grade email marketing platform built on AWS Simple Email Service — enabling organizations of all sizes to harness the power of AWS without writing a single line of code.

Pepo Campaigns builds on our team’s 6 years of experience sending >1 billion emails through campaigns, transactional, and targeted trigger emails (for large e-commerce companies like, offering you enterprise-level features at startup speed. Create gorgeous emails with our drag-and-drop template tool; optimize your campaigns using insightful reports and analytics; target your campaigns with advanced segmentation and A/B testing; Leverage powerful marketing automation to create sophisticated trigger flows; utilize our API’s to send transactional emails — all made simple with no code required on your end, so your developers can stay focused on the technology while your marketing team can focus on the message.

Simply sign up for Pepo Campaigns. No separate AWS account required. You’ll be up and running in minutes.

Company Brief:
Pepo is a software company headquartered in Palo Alto, CA with engineering offices in Pune, India. Pepo emerged from the team that created and Our team has been working together in high-growth startups since 2008. Our passion is to marry world-class user experiences with robust and scalable technology solutions to make a positive impact on people and organizations.
Unit 392, 1717 Homewood Blvd Delray Beach,
FL 33445
United States


Eric Hecht has over 30 years experience in the application of high-end technology in solving complex engineering problems. During these years, he was fortunate to gain experience in information technology working for the company that developed the global delivery model for completing large business driven IT projects. Prior to founding ShopWhere, he was partner in a boutique engineering software and consultancy company. Eric graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering from the State University of New York at Buffalo in 1984.

Unit 392, 1717 Homewood Blvd Delray Beach,
FL 33445
United States


ShopWhere is a digital advertising business that enables Internet and social media advertising for brick-and-mortar and web only businesses. Making it easy to create and publish web advertisements on the ShopWhere platform, while enabling the public that views the ads to share on social media, delivers value to the general public and the advertising businesses. Through efficient operation, ShopWhere is working to broaden its web footprint to become a recognisable brand in online advertising.