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Human Resources


Jobhubble is a rewards based influencer marketing platform for recruiting.

Influencers use Jobhubble to share jobs with their network and receive rewards which they can keep for themselves or donate to a charity of their choice. With Jobhubble, influencers can easily earn rewards, track their activity and help connect friends with great jobs.

Employers use Jobhubble to build robust job description-apps that can be shared by influencers. With Jobhubble, employers build their employer brand, scale their candidate referral programs and fill out their long-run candidate pipeline with the people who are not looking for a new job.
HR Manager Pro

HR Manager Pro is an applicant tracking and assessment Software-as-a-Service that allows recruiters to have an unlimited talent pool at their finger tips. Behavioural assessment analysis improve the decisions you make when hiring based on technical skills, leading to a decreased turn-over and better employee performance.