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1A-23, Takshila CHS, Mahakali Caves Road, Andheri East Mumbai

BigMyGig is an online artist search and discovery tool that helps you to book the best artist for every event.
BigMyGig was started with a single focus. An artist doesn’t get enough shows because of poor reach and improper representation whereas a user doesn’t have many avenues for reaching out to the artist of one’s choice. We are trying to bridge this need gap through a convenient online solution. The founders of BigMyGig are alumni of JBIMS. One of them has been an event manager and the other has been a performing artist. They have faced similar problems in the past and this motivated them to come up with the Business Version of this tool to bridge the gap between the event manager and the artist.
The tool helps our clients to browse through a variety of digital artist portfolios, select the artist of their choice and book them online. Currently more than 1250 artists have registered with BigMyGig. The tool uses a 3 stage filtering process, known as the Invitation Model. Here artists are sent invitations to create their profiles with BigMyGig. Artists are invited only when they meet stringent quality parameters. This ensures that every artist on BigMyGig is verified and validated, ensuring 100% quality to our patrons. The tool has been widely accepted and utilized by a host of event managers across Mumbai. With the launch of the Consumer Version of the tool, BigMyGig has added a host of benefits and features to its tool.
The Consumer Version of the tool enables Consumers to search through a variety of digital portfolios, filter and shortlist and share the portfolios that they like. The search engine works on the principle of relevancy. This ensures that every artist requirement is accurately serviced. With features like direct negotiations, pre-payment guarantee and real time portfolios, BigMyGig is redefining entertainment delivery.
A new segment, specially introduced in the Consumer Version, is the Packages feature. Using Packages, a customer can book an entire Entertainment Solution for their perfect event. With a host of other features, BigMyGig would like to repeat the success they have had with their Business Version, for the Consumer Version as well. With a digital presence across all major social media platforms and a new app in the pipeline, entertainment delivery is never going to be the same again.
The platform is truly open and artists have a lot to gain from this tool. The tool enables artists to manage their business from a single platform. With transparency as a core principle, the transactions that artists engage through the platform are open to the artists. Artists can set their own price and also involve in direct negotiations with clients, with BigMyGig playing the role of a facilitator. With security of payments, artists can now safely focus on their talent while relying on the BigMyGig tool for their business.
best10 music videos

Best10 Music Videos includes over 2 million artist and their music videos. This free site allows search and viewing of the top music artists in the world and their videos. The site is organized to show the Top videos from each artists and also segments videos into categories. These categories include: Pop, Classic, Jazz, Hip Hop, Techno, Blues, Reggae, Rock, Folk, Soul, and Rap. The artists showcased on the site are from all over the world. This includes top artists as well as new artists.

rSitez is a Free Fan Site that focus on helping fans discover their favorite celebrity. The site includes profiles and content of over 2 million celebrities worldwide making it the largest fan site online with the most combined digital content. It includes photos, videos, social, news, comments, events and other digital content available about each celebrity.

The service was founded by volunteers who want to gather and share popular serials.
The idea behind MovieTime was to create free and fast service. This meant that MovieTime should never stop to add all new products, support continuously delete thousands torrents from it every day to be legal.